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Orthodontics 3D

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IS YOUR HEAD TWO DIMENSIONAL OR THREE DIMENSIONAL?  THE ANSWER OBVIOUSLY IS THREE DIMENSIONAL.  Doesn't it sound logical, then, that proper diagnostics, treatment planning, and actual treatment should be three dimensional as well?

Enter Cohen & Johnson Orthodontics.  Our practice has long had the reputation for "cutting edge" treatment.  From being one of the first 25 orthodontists in the country to be Invisalign certified, to now being one of the 300 orthodontists neationwide who are SureSmile certified (there are over 9000 orthodontists in the U.S.) our office remains a leader in innovation in orthodontics in Northeast Indiana.

Until recently, the majority of our diagnostic and treatment planning sequences were 2-Dimensional.  Flat X-Rays, flat photographs, and measurements based on two dimensional angles and lines were supplemented with the only 3-D records we had: molds of the teeth.  While it served us well, the advent of Cone Beam CT scanning (the dental low radiation cousin of the medical CT) and SureSmile now allows us to diagnose and plan in a totally 3-Dimensional environment.  We can now see into the head from any angle, look at the roots of the teeth, rotate all the information in any direction, and even cross-section anywhere we need to for better and more complete visualization.  Additionally we, together, can plan "virtually" (on the computer) to simulate treatment options for better planning and, more importantly, better communication with both the patient and other members of the dental team.  It's like when Dorothy opened the door after being in the tornado and stepped from black and white into the incredible world of color!

You may ask "why doesn't every orthodontist use this technology?"  It takes time for every change to reach critical mass.  When enough people finally are convinced that the technology actually makes a significant difference in treatment outcome, then it becomes standard of care.  Until then, there are always those who live the future in the present.

Come see us at Cohen & Johnson Orthodontics.  Experience Orthodontics 3-D.  All orthodontists are not the same!

So what are we doing now you may ask? We start out by utilizing a state-of-the-art iCat Cone Beam 3-D Scanner for our diagnostic records, which allows for more complete evaluation of the teeth, jaw, and facial structure.  Below, you will find a picture of our iCat machine; we love it! 


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