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Before & After Gallery

We have had some incredible results!

Take a look here to see how our patients' smiles (and facial structures) changed throughout their treatment with Dr. Cohen and his team! :)  We like to update our gallery frequently, so if you would like to experience a life-changing journey like these patients here, please come see us; we would love to work with you, and feature your amazing results here as well!


When we first met Audrey, she had crowding with an overbite and a bit of a crossbite, as well. Her finished smile looks wonderful, and she is so happy with how everything turned out!

Cassie came to see the doctors when she had crowding and an overbite. She is one of our 2-phase patients, so this shows her temporary finish before she gets the rest of her adult teeth in. Cassie is very happy with her new smile and is really excited to be finished in a couple more years!

When Destiny came to see Dr. Cohen and Dr. Johnson, she had a lot of crowding with a crossbite. She is beyond thrilled with her new smile, as she should be, since it looks beautiful!

Here is Kobe, another of our 2-phase patients. When we first met him, he had crowding with an overbite. His phase-1 finish looks great, and he is really happy with his new smile!

We first met John when he had lots of spacing with a deep overbite. His finish looks amazing, and he is very please with his new smile!

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Johnson met Kelsey when she had significant crowding with an overbite, and a bit of a crossbite. Her finish looks fabulous, and she is so excited about her new smile!

When Maddy first came to see us she had a lot of crowding, and a deep overbite with a slight crossbite as well. Her new smile looks awesome, and she is very happy!

Salvador met the doctors when he had an edge-to-edge bite and quite a bit of crowding. His new smile looks great and he is pleased with how everything turned out!

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Johnson first saw Trenton when he had a crossbite and some crowding. His finish looks wonderful, and he is so happy with his new smile!

Ava came to see our office when she was quite a bit younger; she had an overbite and crossbite, as well as some crowding. Her finish looks beautiful, and she is so thrilled with her new smile!

When we first met Bradley, he had a severe overbite with some slight crowding. His finish looks great, and he is very pleased with his new smile!

Cora came to see the doctors when she had a lot of crowding, with a crossbite. Her results are beautiful and she is so happy about her new smile!

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Johnson met Josiah when he had an open bite with a bit of a crossbite as well. He is one of our patients who we treated surgically to correct the severity of his openbite. His new smile is amazing, and Josiah is beyond pleased with his results!


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